Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Newly Painted & Designed Purple and White Craft Room

Hello My Fellow Crafters,

Sorry I haven't posted since March.   It's been a weird year for me.

I really got bummed when Scrappy Moms Stamps closed down their shop and stopped selling stamp sets.   Then I was busy helping out with my godson's wedding.  After his wedding I decided I needed to gut my craft room, paint it, get new work surfaces and storage so I could have everything organized because it was a complete disaster.   It was so bad that I was referring to it as the hoarders room.   I couldn't find craft items when I needed them so it was driving me crazy.    It took me almost four months from start to finish but it was so worth it.   Lucky for me I have a hubby that supports my crafting addiction and allowed me to take over the garage and part of the living room with everything that came out of the room.  He helped me paint and helped put together all the Ikea drawers and shelf.   He was also super patient while I went through everything to determine if I was going to keep or get rid of it and where I wanted to put it in the craft room. 

I love my clean, organized craft room and I'm looking forward to getting back to crafting and posting on my blog in 2017.

Here are a bunch of pictures of my room and my drawers all organized with the same items.  No more having glitter in 4 different places, paper in 5 different places, ribbon where I couldn't find what I was looking for, etc.  Of course I had to paint the walls purple.  The color is called Zinfandel.

The work surfaces, Storage drawers and cube shelf are from Ikea.

These three drawer units are from Ikea.  The two shelves on top of them are from Michaels.

Here is what in some of those drawers:
All my glitter and flocking powder together in one place.  

All my embossing powders together. 

A majority of my flower embelishments.

My glitter glue and Crystal Drops.


Disney goodies.

The storage items holding my ink pads are from Stamp N Storage and are called "Ink Pad & Refill Holder".   The circle cut outs are suppose to be for re-inkers but I'm using them to hold the triangle makeup sponges I use to ink edges.   That way it's always next to the ink pad and I don't have to go looking for it.   The smaller storage unit above them is also from Stamp N Storage and stores my flat punches.   It's called Lock-Down Punch Holder.

The two bottom storage units are from Micahel's.   The two pen holders are from Stamp N Storage. These are the Side by Side Marker Holders

On the other side of my work space I have another pen holder from Stamp N Storage where I place my odd tools, small scissors, Wink of Stella pens and punches.  This one is called the Stacked Marker Holder.

This is my work space.   This is the cleanest it will ever be.  LOL

My Shot Box so I can take pictures of my projects and my CutterPillar Pro cutting board.

Storage under my Craft table.   

Here are pictures below are what's in the wider drawers.

All my chalks, and pom poms for chalking all in one spot. 

All my small ink pads in one spot.  Yeah!

Misc markers that didn't have room for in the Stamp N Storage marker storage units.

All my glue dots, pop up dots and score tape in one spot.

Sizzix thin dies and embossing folders I decided to keep.

This is what is in the smaller drawer unit:
My acrylic blocks, erasers, lighters, and other mix stuff.

My double sided tape, tape and baby wipes. 

My Scrappy Mom Stamps.

More Scrappy Mom Stamps and The Stamps of Life items from their Card Kit Club.

Stamps from various artists. 

More The Stamps of Life Stamp sets. 

My wall of paper, paper stacks, envelops, embossing folders, etc.  
This unit has 20 cubes perfect for holding 12"x12" paper and crafty times is from Ikea.

The tall drawer unit is from Ikea and hold my paper scraps, all organized by color. 
The three units stacked on top of each other next to it are from Michaels.
On the wall above that are two ribbon shelves from Stamp N Storage. 

Another angle

Here is my kitty Seren checking out the new crafting digs.  

Under the table that holds my Silhouette and Big Shot I have another Ikea drawer unit and here is what is in those drawers....
Buttons, buttons and more buttons all in one spot. 
Love being able to open one drawer to see all the buttons I have when working on a project.

This drawer has my loose bling, eyes, and other embellishment goodies.

This drawer has all my brads and eyelets. 

Smaller paper cutters, my eyelet setter, ruler and envelope maker are stored here.

My small glue gun and extra blue sticks and other crafting tools stored here. 

Thank you for stopping by.  Looking forward to sharing more with you in 2017.

I hope my new craft room inspires you and helps with ideas for organizing your craft items.

Happy Crafting!

Links to Items I purchased from Stamp N Storage:
NOTE:  We painted all of the Stamp N Storage items white.  
Links to some of the items I purchased from Ikea


  1. Your craft room is amazing! I love the purple, love all the storage units and how full your supplies are. WOW!! Whenever we live somewhere more than a few years, I so want to do something like this. And by the way, you can just dump that adhesive drawer into a box and send it to me. hahahahahahahahaahaha

    1. Thanks, Janis. LOL This is from not being organized before and not knowing what I had and didn't have. So when I went to Scrapbook Expos I would buy more because of the deals. :)

  2. WOW!! I love your craft room! It looks amazing and fun!!