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Halloween Decorations for Work 2015 - Gotham City and Bat Cave

Happy Day After Halloween Crafters,

At my work Halloween is a big deal and we have a Halloween Decorating Contest between departments and departments are allowed to team up. 
Last year I won for my Pirates of the Caribbean theme so I had to try my best to come up with something that would wow and could possibly help me win again so my friend/co-worker and I came up with the idea to do Gotham City in my department and the Bat Cave in her department.   
For my WOW factor, I contacted the Art Teacher at St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School to commission her students to create three Graffiti pieces because what big city doesn't have some kind of graffiti around.   The graffiti pieces they painted are so fabulous and everyone was amazed by them and they were definitely my WOW factor.  
The walls were built by our salesmen and all but the Wayne Enterprises walls were painted by me and my other co-workers in my department.   The Wayne Enterprises walls were painting by one of our salesmen.
Unfortunately the Gotham City-Bat Cave area did not win this year but we had so much fun creating the props, putting it all together and seeing everyone's amazement of what we done. 

Here are a bunch of pictures of the two departments. 

This is on the outside of our two departments.  The door down the hall one of the doors to her department and the door with the glass is one of the doors to my department.

The Bat Signal was cut out of vinyl on my Silhouette Cameo that I added to the City Background that I purchased from Oriential Trading Company

I made this sign with Silhouette Cameo.  The Bat Signal and Batman were purchased from the Silhouette Store and the font is Batman Forever that I downloaded from the internet for free.   

Here are the walls that were created to make Gotham City:

On this wall I used a stone background that I purchased last year from Oriential Trading Company for my Pirates of the Caribbean decorations that I reused again for the walls to the outside of my cube aka Poison Ivy's area.  I put fake ivy along the wall and also up on the ceiling panels

This is looking down the hall from the door with the glass into my department.

Gotham City need to have it's police station with wanted posters for Poison Ivy, The Penguin, The Riddler and Harley Quinn.
The letters were cut out with my Silhouette Cameo.

On the long wall is a supply cabinet witch I used as the entrance doors to 
Wayne Enterprises.
The windows, Wayne Enterprises Sign and W's on the doors were cut out using my Silhouette Cameo.  Found the logo on Google Images.  Saved it to my computer, pulled it into my Silhouette software, traced ant then cut it out.    

This is two fake wall outside two different cubicles   The one on the left is the outside of Penguins area and the one on the right is outside Harley Quinn's area.

Looking into our area/Gotham City from the other entrance.

Wall inside the cube which was turned into the Riddler's hang out.
The questions marks were traced and cut from an image I found and saved from Google Images.   The title "Riddle Me This..." is Riddler font that I searched and downloaded from the internet.   The riddles which were added to make this wall fun and complete were created and printed by my friend and co-worker.

Inside Poison Ivy's area I took the two additional 55 gallon barrel's I borrowed from the shop to make toxic waste.  We covered the top of both barrels with a black garbage bag and trimmed the edges.  On one of the barrels I mixed shaving cream and green food coloring to come up with my toxic goo.  The other barrel had treats I made for my co-workers to take.  (Come back Friday to see the details of the toppers of these treat bags.)
The Toxic Waste symbol was cut out on my Silhouette and instead of cutting two I used the cut outs on the other barrel.   The dripping toxic waste dripping down was repurposed from the Engineering Departments decorations from last year.  The stuff around the barrels are those puffy air bags that I saved from packaged that I've received.

Now for my WOW factor which Gotham City needed was the graffiti walls in the ally way.
I borrowed a 55 gallon metal barrel from our shop and added a cauldron with a fake moving flame to make it look like those barrels in ally ways that people hanging out in ally ways make fires in to keep warm. 

This graffiti is rocks out in the quarry that have been tagged. 

This graffiti is of a Syar Concrete Truck and Rip Rap a term we use for large rocks/boulders.

This is two of the graffiti canvass St.Patricks-St.Vincent High School students from the National Honors Art Society painted for me.   

Here's the third canvas the St.Patricks-St.Vincent High School students from the National Honors Art Society painted for me.   Here they incorporated our company name, aggregate (another name for rock) and HMA for Hot Mix Asphalt.  

What's an alley way with out a broken pallet and garbage all around??

Here's me dressed up as Poison Ivy and one of our Salesmen dressed up as the Penguin.

Now onto the Bat Cave. 
We covered all the walls in my friend's area with dark brown craft paper that I purchased from Staples last year.  We cut approx 10 foot strips and crumpled each strip to give it texture and then put them up all around her area.  

This short hall way between my department and my friend's department  is the entrance to the Bat Cave.  On the other side of that door is the fabulous Bat Cave.

This is what you see when you walk through the door.


Area where Batman watches over Gotham City.

Bat mobile my friend and her husband made.  
It was so fantastic and totally made the Bat Cave the Bat Cave. 
This is the Front.

This is the back

This is the license plate they put on it.

Look... It's Batman

Yes, we even covered up the only window in this area with the brown paper.   Should've put black over the window first so the light from outside wouldn't have shown thru.

Here's Batman by his awesome Batmobile.

Here's Batman checking on what's going on in Gotham City

I hope you enjoyed seeing how crazy me and my friend get over decorating our areas for Halloween.   Now we need to start our planning and plotting for next year.   
Need to win so we can get our bragging rights back. :)
Happy Crafting!

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