Friday, January 20, 2017

PDE Linky Party ~ #156 Tags Challenge

Happy Friday Crafters,

It's the 3rd Friday of the month and time for the PDE Linky Party, #156 Tags challenge.

If you follow my blog or Facebook page you know that 99%of my paper crafting projects are cards because that’s my comfort zone.  
So having to create a tag is a challenge for me, especially when I like to create paper projects that I know I’ll use or give away.

For my first tag challenge as a PDE Linky Party Design Team member I decided to really challenge myself and made a ice skate tag that I purchased a few months back from the Silhouette Design store.  

I cut the various pieces out on my Silhouette Cameo and then pieced them together.

Here are some print shots of my Silhouette software screens.

This shot is what the file looks like when it's first opened.
I like to do a screen shot of the picture and add it to my working file so I know what the image looks like. 

I ungrouped them and then moved all the pieces off the mat except the base of the ice skates, filled it in with black and then filled the page.

After I cut the base of the ice skate out in black I moved them off the mat on the screen and then moved the front of the skate on to it, made it white and then filled the page and cut out using white paper. 

On the back of the skate, I added “To” and “From” in my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software.  
I filled the words in with black, changed the line color to black and changed them to “no cut” because I didn’t want the words to cut out.   I then sized them and placed them in position on the white back piece of the ice skate and grouped them together.  I then copied and pasted to add more of them on my design page before I printed them out on my printer. 
On the same sheet that I added the back of the ice skate with the “To”/”From” I added the jpg from Miss Kates Cuttables Christmas Bow to use as an accent on the Ice Skate Tag.

When I use jpg’s I pull the jpg into my Silhouette software and do the trace feature on it to get rid of the white background.   (NOTE:  watch Tracing without Tears on YouTube for awesome tutorials on how to trace jpg’s or other images in the Silhouette software.)  
After I got the Christmas Bow traced and cropped I used the offset feature to have a small white border around the picture.  I then set that border to cut edge and then group the image and the border together.  

Here’s what my software screen looked like before I printed.

After I printed this page out, I put it on my cutting mat to cut the images out on my Cameo.  NOTE:  see the red lines, that is what is going to cut.  If you don’t see red lines or see red lines where you don’t want to cut you need to fix that before you cut.  Trust me, there have been time where I didn’t take a close look and didn’t realize that I didn’t remove the cut feature off the words and it messed up my whole page and had to redo it.  

On the blades for this ice skate tag, I copied and then flipped horizontally so that I would have the silver blades on the front and back of the tag.  Felt it completed it better.
Here is a print shot so you can see what I did. 
After I glued all the pieces together and before I added the Miss Kate Cuttables Christmas Bow and glitter glue on the blades I took thin white ribbon from my stash and laced the ice skate boots.  This was a trial and error process since I didn’t have the two sides like you do when lacing shoes.   But I finally figured it out.   Sorry I don’t have any pictures of that process but you can see on the final pictures how I laced them. 

Once I got the laces done I added the Miss Kate Cuttables Christmas Bow that I printed and cut earlier and then I added iridescent glitter glue to the bottom of the blades to make them look like they had ice build up on them from skating on the pond and set aside to dry.

Here is the front of my finished ice skate tag. 

Here is the back of my finished ice skate tag. 

Project Recipe:
  • Ice Skate Gift Tag from the Silhouette Design Store - Design ID# 163495
  • Christmas Bow is from Miss Kate Cuttables
    • I used Clear Wink of Stella glitter brush pen to add sparkle to the red portion of the bow.
  • White ribbon from my craft stash
  • Iridescent glitter glue used on edge of ice skate blades.

Thanks for stopping by.   
Hope you join us in this challenge.   Go over to the PDE Linky Party Blog by clicking HERE to link up your project. 

Happy Crafting.